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Why are workplace investigations important?

Harassment is one of the most frequent complaints brought by employees. Conducting effective workplace investigations, whether in response to acts related to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected characteristics, isn’t merely a way to show you take these matters seriously. A thorough process, free from bias and prejudgment, is essential for minimising a company’s exposure for claims of discrimination and harassment by employees. It is also a fundamental way to create better culture in your business and to prevent reoccurring issues. At ViewHR we specialise in conducting independent workplace investigations for organisations of all sizes. 

Such independence ensures a rigorous approach in the conduct of internal workplace investigations. The internal investigation process is an important risk management tool for employers when faced with a complaint, be it grievance or disciplinary. There are three major benefits to be gained by such an approach: 

> Employee engagement 

> Increases the potential for matters to be resolved appropriately 

> Assists employers to successfully defend tribunal claims. 

Investigation reports are more frequently coming under the microscope of employment tribunals, so it’s increasingly more important to ensure that such investigation reports are comprehensive and conducted by experienced practitioners, using a robust framework. 

What are the benefits of using ViewHR as an external investigator? 

> Impartial and independent investigator 

> Reduces the pressure and workload on internal staff 

> Produces comprehensive investigation report and witness statements 

> Understands the complex employment law implications 

> Reduces the input and costs of external legal counsel. 

ViewHR has successfully participated in the conclusion of both standard as well as complex investigation matters in areas such as: 

> Disciplinaries 

> Grievances 

> Whistleblowing 

> Safeguarding 

> Bullying and harassment 

> Discrimination. 

Getting your workplace investigations right is an essential element of your company’s commitment to workplace fairness, diversity and its zero-tolerance policy for conduct that demeans and diminishes others. The decision to avoid doing an investigation or not following procedures in conducting investigations can lead to liability for the employer. Effective internal investigations play an important role in protecting companies from workplace liability but most importantly doing right by employees. Get in touch with our experienced team of HR Consultants today to discuss our outsourced investigation support.