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Why outsource your HR?

It comes as no surprise that admin tasks take up the majority of a business owners  time and this can make them feel like they are drowning in paperwork.  Battling with red tape and regulations can feel daunting, especially if you are not up to date with the latest changes in HR and employment law. […]

All I want for Christmas… is no HR issues!

So we’ve had the Christmas party, it was all going so well until Santa got drunk and got a bit fruity with his Elf (shhhh code for co-worker). Santa’s boss was there, watched on and did nothing about this, in fact found it quite funny. You may laugh, but it’s all too common a situation. […]

How to manage underperforming employees

Dealing with an employee whose performance isn’t up to scratch is a challenge the majority of managers will have to face if they like it or not. Underperformance, or poor performance, is simply a failure to perform the duties of the role or to perform them to the standard required by the business. Employers sometimes […]

How to retain your best employees?

Considering the cost, the time and the emotional effort involved in recruitment and training staff, you want to ensure you hold on to them! After all, a successful business is driven by the experience, knowledge and commitment of good staff. Each employer will know too well the regret of an excellent and knowledgeable member of […]

Can you weed out sickness absence?

At ViewHR, we regularly receive calls from our clients’ in relation to employee sickness absence. Invariably the matters are short lived, concern intermittent absences and require management of an individual’s sickness absence levels. However, at the other extreme, matters involve complex long-term absence, disability related issues and require extensive management of an individual’s absence. There […]

Laying the ground work in an employment relationship!

We’re often found advising businesses on HR matters who, for various reasons, avoided taking advice or involving outside resources at an early stage but instead contact us when they’re embroiled in a dispute or process, which could have so easily been avoided. We therefore felt this was a prime time to take everything back to […]

Focusing on Grievances

Grievances are an inevitable part of employing staff, and whilst they can be seen as a pain for some managers, they do allow a business to try and nip concerns, problems or complaints in the bud, before they grow into something which can be much bigger and much more time consuming. Employees should be encouraged […]

Managing Staff Online

In recent weeks, the European employment law case on monitoring staff email use made headlines, the ECHR ruled that an employer had lawfully dismissed an employee for his personal use of his work email and business Yahoo messenger account, as his use was in breach of his Company’s policy. The ECHR Judge went on to […]

The VW scandal and how it’s relevant to your business

VW scandal and how it’s relevant to your business… Barely a week has passed since the news was first announced that VW (and subsequently other car makers) were knowingly and intentionally cheating emission standards. Obviously it’s wrong, it shouldn’t have happened, they should face penalties for their actions, but the more telling question is how did it […]

Flexible working – an employer’s worst nightmare or a gift in disguise?

As businesses, we are constantly looking at streamlining, efficiencies and cutting costs but when it comes to flexible working requests they are often met with a feeling of dread. Granted, there are sometimes initial costs with dealing with part-time working and a certain level of administration but it also comes with its perks. A demand […]

Parental leave for working grandparents by 2018

Chancellor George Osborne today announced the Government’s intention to extend shared parental leave to working Grandparents by 2018. Many working parents struggle with childcare costs in the first year of their child’s life. Research suggests that in any given year, around 2 million grandparents give up work to help their children with childcare. According to […]

Does time spent travelling to work amount to working time?

So, does time spent travelling to work amount to working time? The European Court of Justice has held that the time spent by workers travelling between their homes and the first and last customers, where there is no fixed place of work, amounts to ‘working time’ under the Working Time Directive (WTD). This decision will have […]

Can employees carry over holiday on sick leave?

Sickness absence together with accrued but untaken holiday can be a minefield for employers and advisers alike. The recent case of Plumb v Duncan Print Group Ltd UKEAT (8 July 2015) provides further guidance on managing accrued but untaken holiday when dealing with long-term sickness absence (note the case may still be appealed). Can employees […]

Misuse of Facebook by Employees: To post or not to post?

Once again employees being dismissed for posting derogatory comments on Facebook is back in the headlines. The reality is, despite what many employees believe, posts on Facebook and Twitter cannot properly be considered private, and misuse of Facebook by employees can have huge implications! In the recent case of British Waterways Board v Smith, Mr […]

Do employees really need employment contracts?

Yes, they do!. Employment contracts provide employers and employees with a set of rules that both parties must abide by. Some employers believe that where an employee has had years of trouble free service that there is no need to formalise the working relationship in a written contract. However, the reality is that contracts are […]

Top 10 tips for employers this summer!

Let’s face it, we all love it when the sun comes out, it’s exciting and changes our mood. So how do we make summer work for us as employers? Here are some top tips! Encourage your team to lunch in the park and enjoy the sunshine – they’ll come back from lunch more rejuvenated and […]

Zero Hour Contracts: Are exclusivity clauses enforceable?

Following the Government’s consultation and much media attention of zero hour contracts, as of 26 May 2015 exclusivity clauses within zero hour contracts are banned and are no longer enforceable. So what does this mean for you as an employer? If you engage workers on zero hour contracts, whereby you are not obliged to provide […]

Are mobile phone breaks the new fag breaks?

Doesn’t seem so long ago that employers and colleagues were constantly annoyed by the amount of smoking breaks taken by employees. On the whole, this has significantly reduced across the board. However, this irritation has seemed  quickly replaced by mobile phone use in the workplace. So, are mobile phone breaks the new fag breaks in […]

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, but honestly, we should be looking at our own mental health and those around us every day. As employers, here are 5 simple things to think about today: Know your staff– do you know your team well enough to spot changes in their behaviour and character? Communication– do you […]

Manchester United HR blunder

Watching the Manchester United HR blunder unfold…   On Saturday: Man Utd communicate to journalists Jose Mourinho is to become the Club’s new manager. On Sunday: Current manager Louis van Gaal announces he has not been told about the change. On Monday: Man Utd sack Louis van Gaal. On Tuesday: Man Utd announce that they […]

Salisbury Big Business Expo – April 2017

ViewHR was pleased to exhibit and be part of the Salisbury Big Business Expo last week. The SBBE Team took great steps to host a super event for local businesses. It was excellent to hear from excellent key speakers and many attendees commented on the usefulness of the seminars. There was a great buzz in the room. […]

Sexual harassment in the workplace

With the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal hitting the headlines, sexual harassment in the work place is under the spotlight and a good thing to. Experiencing sexual harassment is one of the most difficult situations a worker can face during their career. No workplace is immune to sexual harassment and a lack of reported cases does […]

Let us get your HR practices GDPR ready!

We know, it’s a boring subject but the upcoming deadline for implementation of GDPR (the new thing in data protection) is a BIG deal! GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) will be coming into force in the UK on 25 May 2018 which builds on existing data protection law in the UK and primarily contains increased […]

BEIS Response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices

Today the Government published its response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices. Amongst other things, in the Good Work Plan the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) sets out its intention to consult on: guidance on employment status ‘for the first time’ enforcing vulnerable workers’ holiday and sick pay introducing a […]