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Bonus scheme for retaining furloughed workers announced

Rishi Sunak has revealed a range of measures designed to save jobs and boost the economy following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The Chancellor has announced a new job retention bonus as part of its “A Plan for Jobs 2020”. On Wednesday 8th July, Rishi Sunak announced a £1,000 “job retention bonus” for employers that bring […]

Flexible Furlough Scheme Additional Update

There has been a slight update on the Flexible Furlough Scheme (FFS) payment rules for you to be aware of. Under the FFS arrangement, there is now confirmation that the employer WILL top up wages to the 80% for those on furlough rather than ‘should’. From 1 July, employers have the flexibility to bring previously furloughed employees […]

How the Furlough Scheme (CJRS) will operate from July 1st

(Correct as of 13th June 2020) Main Principles Prior to 1 July 2020, employees on furlough could not undertake any work for you other than training. From 1 July, you will be able to: claim for employees who have previously been furloughed for at least 3 consecutive weeks taking place any time between 1 March […]

Maternity Leave and Furlough

Working parents on statutory maternity and paternity leave, who are returning to work before October 2020, will be eligible for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). The government announced on 9th June that parents on statutory maternity and paternity leave who return to work in the coming months after a long period of absence will be permitted […]

New Flexible Furlough Scheme and Statutory Sick Pay (Track and Trace Amendments) Update

As of last week, we have some interesting amendments and changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and to the SSP process in relation to the new track and trace system. Here is our summary of the changes with the most vital points highlighted. As always, we are awaiting further clarification on some points and […]

Holiday Entitlement during Covid 19

While it was confirmed in April that furloughed workers could themselves request to take annual leave without breaking furlough, many questions remained. Here’s some key elements as it currently stands today: An employee can ask an employer to take annual leave during their furlough leave period. Where the annual leave is authorised, an employee’s days […]