When does workplace mediation apply?

It’s when everyday miscommunications and confusions are ignored and ‘bottled up’ that they turn into formal grievances and disciplinary cases. Our proven workplace mediation process leads your staff to understand each other’s views and build a lasting working relationship.

The benefits of workplace mediation include:

– Reduces stress

– Retain valuable employees

– Avoid formal processes, such as going to an employment tribunal

– Stop more grievances from being raised in the future

– Avoid paying high costs like employment tribunal claims.

Acas: Conflict costs employers almost £30bn a year

How can ViewHR help your business?

Workplace Mediation

A team of accredited mediators

Workplace Mediation

Supportive and safe environment

Workplace Mediation

Improves the working relationship

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Reduces Conflict

Workplace Mediation