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What do health and safety consultants do?

At ViewHR we understand that our clients need to be surrounded by the right experts to support their journeys as employers. Alongside the HR and employment law puzzle pieces, it’s hugely important that employers don’t lose sight of their health and safety responsibilities jigsaw piece for employees, not simply to avoid any legal action against them but most importantly to provide safe places of work (physically and mentally!).

So, HCS Safety have helpfully helped us to set out how Health and safety consultants can support employers and their employees:

Health and safety consultants advise businesses on managing safety in the workplace. This covers everything from workplace audits and assessments to accident investigations and CDM support.

Workplace safety is a fundamental requirement that requires rigorous and ongoing attention.

While keeping up with health and safety laws and regulations can be relatively simple for small, low-risk businesses, the list of regulations and responsibilities starts racking up as businesses grow. Compliance for large and high-risk businesses is nothing short of exhaustive.

If your business needs professional assistance with health and safety, you should consider working with a health and safety consultant. So, what do health and safety consultants do?

Health and safety consultancy

A health and safety consultant will offer professional and impartial health and safety advice to organisations and employers. This is crucial when a business lacks the in-house expertise and experience to make informed decisions about health and safety.

Businesses striving for health and safety best practice should work with external organisations to regularly check and update their risk assessment and control strategies. This enables them to exceed regulatory requirements and deliver an exceptionally safe workplace for employees and customers.

How a health and safety consultant can help

Businesses can request assistance from a health and safety consultant for the following tasks and activities:

Workplace audits
Workplace audits inform businesses of what actions are required to achieve legal compliance.

Safety inspections
Safety inspections assess general workplace safety and specific actions, such as lifting operations, scaffold strikes and large-scale deliveries. They can be conducted as a one-off or, more ideally, on a regular basis so businesses can track their performance over time.

Accident investigations
A health and safety consultant can help businesses establish the immediate causes and contributory factors of an accident and create effective strategies to prevent future incidents.

Face fit testing
Stats indicate that some 50% of respiratory equipment doesn’t work due to improper fit. Health and safety consultants can test the fit and function of respiratory equipment.

CDM Support
Construction Design and Management (CDM) duties can be onerous, which leads many businesses to seek external assistance.

Fire risk assessments
Fire risk control is some of the most heavily regulated, and gaining a second opinion from a professional health and safety consultant can be invaluable.

To find out more how HCS Safety can support your business, visit their website here.