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The Benefits of implementing HR Software in your business

With the growth of your business, the number of employees grows too and gradually, the burden of keeping up with the admin can really start having an impact on you as a business leader – it may even become so onerous, it takes you away from actually running your business.  Some clients have found that implementing HR software has taken away some of those distractions.

As well as taking away the burden of some of the more mundane admin tasks, some HR software systems have other capabilities too which can save you money as well as paper.

Some of the basic functions of an HR System are things like storing employee records, supporting payroll processes, managing holiday and sickness but some systems have additional capabilities such as recruitment, training, workforce planning and even expenses.

Many systems are cloud based which means that you can start using them straight away, from anywhere with Wi-Fi. Our clients often tell us that having a flexible, secure and easy-to-use HR software saves them time by making HR admin simple.

Apart from maintaining employment data, a key benefit of such software is the ability to produce reports for things like remuneration, sickness absence, outstanding leave, performance metrics, disciplinaries, length of service etc.

One of our existing clients has recently started using BreatheHR and they have found that a very useful tool is the ability to track and manage holiday entitlement. Rather than countless paper requests that get mislaid, BreatheHR allows employees to request leave through the dashboard and shows them if the holiday has been approved along with how many days entitlement they have remaining as well as how many days have been booked.

What is Breathe?

Breathe is an easy-to-use HR software, specifically designed to support SME’s for as little as £11 a month. A couple of benefits includes:

Eliminate HR admin

  • Automate holiday booking and sickness processes
  • Allow staff to update their own records
  • All people data, all in one place

Develop your team

  • Keep on top of 1-1s and performance management
  • Record and monitor individual objectives
  • Easily delegate tasks to managers

Access on the move

  • Store your data securely in the cloud
  • Log in anywhere with a WiFi connection
  • Mobile friendly

Motivate your people

  • Give kudos for a job well done
  • Track your people’s progress
  • Benefits & rewards overview

As a Breathe HR Partner, we can also provide with you bespoke, pro-active HR support and help you get the most of the system.

If you’re interested in a trial then get in touch today.