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<strong>Meet the ViewHR Team</strong> 

2022 saw changes in the world of Human Resources as well as to the growing ViewHR team!  In this blog we explore the team’s New Year resolutions, key achievements in 2022 and predictions for 2023. 

New Year’s Resolutions 

In writing this blog we discovered that New Year’s resolutions are a divisive topic amongst the team!  The team’s resolutions cover personal and professional lives for a number of us:  Jondelle would like to read more, and Robin plans to cover more miles cycling.  Heidi plans to focus on and appreciate her value, and Robin is also going to be working on improving his admin skills! 

Gemma is encouraging others to do more voluntary work as it makes society such a better place, and plans to continue as a Trustee for SFHT and as a coach for Fordingbridge Rugby Club Minis.   

However, not everybody in the team makes New Year’s resolutions.  Cat doesn’t do so, but says that if she did, she would focus on more time with the family, eating healthily and fitting in more exercise.  Sarah also doesn’t make resolutions, and shared with us for this blog:  “I don’t buy into the “New Year, New Me” which is what I think New Year’s resolutions tend to be (and many people kick themselves for failing because they make them too tricky to stick to).  What I would say is that I want 2023 to be a year where I get back to the old me, the old me who does take care of herself, eats well and exercises regularly.” 

Shelley also doesn’t set resolutions, but has a very specific target for the year ahead – she is due to complete her PhD in 2023 and will be working hard to achieve this goal.  Sarah is also goal-focussed, and wants 2023 to be another year of growth for ViewHR:  “It’s been a brilliant few years working with amazing colleagues and clients and I want more of that!!” 

2022’s Key Achievements 

In 2022 we celebrated Jondelle’s promotion to the role of HR Advisor, a role she enjoys and is happy to be surrounded by supportive colleagues in.  Sarah identified the development and growth of the ViewHR team and Associate Pool as her highlight from 2022, because this allows us to create a greater depth to our service offering to clients.   

Robin and Cat also felt that being part of the team was something to celebrate.  Cat remarked for this blog:  “My biggest work achievement for 2022 is probably this job, after having my eldest daughter 13 years ago my career has been based around what works with the kids, not what I enjoy or am capable of!  Now I do feel like I finally use my brain again and am doing a job which is more ‘me’.” 

Heidi and Gemma’s key achievement related to looking after our clients and their employees, and Heidi has been celebrating helping a business to reach b-corp status.  Gemma supported the successful sale of an international consumer brand. 

Predictions for 2023 

One month into 2023, some trends in the world of HR have already started to emerge.  The team’s top predictions are: 

  • “I don’t think that the post-lockdown ‘where to work’ issues have really been resolved. Really engage with your teams to know what they really want and be honest if that might not be possible. Dialogue is key.” (Robin)  
  • “Leveraging HR Data – using technology as a tool for communication, connection, and evaluation. Digital HR/data-driven HR is the practice of leveraging social media, analytics, and cloud technology to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and connectivity of HR operations. These platforms will assist in fusing people analytics with internal and external data to produce insights that are useful to businesses.” (Jondelle) 
  • “Employer brand will be important in recruitment (included the status of companies such as b-corp or their CSR credentials), and SMEs may need to catch up” (Cat) 

You can read more about our predictions for the year ahead in our recent blog

If you would like to find out more about the ViewHR team, our professional experience and areas of specialism, please visit our website to find out more here.