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Let us get your HR practices GDPR ready!

We know, it’s a boring subject but the upcoming deadline for implementation of GDPR (the new thing in data protection) is a BIG deal!

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) will be coming into force in the UK on 25 May 2018 which builds on existing data protection law in the UK and primarily contains increased rights for individuals over the use of their personal data, more obligations on those who obtain that data – data controllers (you as the employer) and more obligations on those who process data – data processors (like us here at View HR)

There will also be much stiffer penalties and fines for failing to follow this new law, to ensure that everyone takes it seriously.  As an example, you may have heard of the Data Protection breach by Talk Talk (if not, Click here for more info) which led to a fine of £400,000 in addition to a huge impact on their business and reputation…….well, under GDPR, this fine could have been significantly higher, running into £millions!

It’s very likely that businesses will need to make changes to their employment contracts, data protection and privacy policies and HR processes and procedures to comply with the new law.

We can take this burden away from you by carrying out an HR Data Audit and providing you with a HR GDPR Action Plan to ensure compliance then supporting you through the process.

To find out costs and to book in your HR Data Audit email Sarah King directly at