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Learning at work

This week is ‘Learning at Work Week’ with  ‘Shaping The Future’ being the theme of this year’s event.

Learning at work is usually the first thing to be put on hold and can be overshadowed by other events.  In some ways, perhaps a shame that it coincides with mental health awareness week, but we, at ViewHR, are  passionate about learning so we wanted to highlight this great initiative and also talk about our perspectives on learning. Plus trained and confident employees can also boost good mental health at work!

Let’s look at what does ‘shaping the future’ mean?

Well this year the campaign is inviting exploration of openness and resilience to change as well as shaping individual, collective and organisational futures. But perhaps more importantly ‘Learning at Work Week’ is about giving learning the profile it deserves.

With a dedicated week, The Campaign For Learning are hoping to encourage businesses to design activities that address priorities or challenges, and deliver these in different and interesting ways.

Most people are aware of blended learning and the impact it has. The 70/20/10 Learning Model was developed in the 1980s at the Centre for Creative Leadership. The theory states that individuals retain 70% of their knowledge via work-related and hands-on experiences, 20% via their relationships, informal exchanges and interactions with others at work, and 10% from formal education events.

This idea of blended learning has for many years enabled businesses to invest appropriately when it comes to their development programs and many companies still follow this model.

The development of flexible working, working from home and e-learning has reduced day to day interaction and feedback opportunities so the ‘70’ part of the programme may have reduced in effectiveness. Whilst some of the methods can change we believe the principles are the same.

Today, there seems to be more of a reliance on technological feedback rather than face to face feedback from co-workers. Blended learning has strategic effectiveness and actually more than ever we as individuals hold the power to learn. We as individuals can shape the future of learning as much as businesses.

We believe businesses need to provide opportunities for learning and encourage development of employees by defining individual and business needs, supporting and promoting blended learning opportunities. There are such a wide array of training and learning options out there to utilise within businesses. There are a great deal of resources available on the website so head across and have a look at the resources available.

Perhaps more importantly we want to encourage individuals to actively pursue learning. You can never know too much yet it is so easy to get left behind!

‘The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power’. Unknown

If you want more specific help developing your training strategy for your business and people or want support to design or deliver training then we are here to help!