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Case Study: HR Data Integrity
What is Data Integrity?

Data integrity is the overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data. It can also refer to the safety of the data that is being held regarding legislation and compliance – for example, the rules and requirements of the GDPR legislation.

Why is it important?

Data integrity is vital to protect you and your business from data loss, data leaks and to mitigate business risk. As a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that all data you are processing is handled safely and securely. Implementing correct processes, policies, and procedures to ensure sensitive data is processed and stored correctly is a must to reduce potential exposure to risk. 

Client Case Study

ViewHR has worked with an organisation recently that is in a period of significant growth and their employee numbers had multiplied in a short space of time. The client is forward-thinking in regard to their HR strategy, in fact, have been nominated and won many employers of choice awards. They approached ViewHR for help to ensure that they were legally compliant and up to date in relation to their HR data.

We completed a mini-HR data audit, and we were pleased to find that they issued contracts in line with the good work plan to ensure compliance and request the relevant personnel data needed per person at the point of hire.

However, there was a small problem: as we see in many smaller businesses, each senior manager was responsible for their own employee’s data. However, this model is not compliant with GDPR and record retention requirements.

On further inspection the model they had been using meant that there was fragmented or incomplete data. We undertook a project of data collection, collation, and centralisation. We put in place a standardised and legal compliant central secure data-filling system. The client can now be assured that they have data integrity for all their employee files.  

If the above case study sounds like your own organisation or you would like to check that the data and processes you have been compliant with current legislation then please reach out to a member of the View HR team today, we would be happy to help.