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Boosting Morale in the Workplace

“True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition”- Fredrick Herzberg

1. Reward

For many of us, we find satisfaction in our work through being recognised for the hard-work we’ve put in. Having simple reward systems in place will help boost productivity in the workplace as well as increase morale.

This has many benefits for your business including improved creativity, reduced number of leave days and better quality of work. An effective reward system creates happy staff which ultimately means they will stick around longer, reducing problems with retaining staff.

2. Well-being programmes

Well-being programmes are becoming more popular within businesses with top market retailers such as John Lewis being recognised in business for their investment in staff. With statistics showing that 61% of the UK’s workforce is ‘disengaged’, businesses such as perk box have been introduced into market offering employee wellness programmes (including gym membership discounts, health plans and more).

3. Let employees make important decisions

“Empower your employees to make decisions on their own, even if it means making a mistake”- Shep Hyken

When employees feel involved, they will be more engaged in the task. By distributing responsibilities, people will have ownership of tasks and in turn produce work to a high standard.

4. Encourage a good work-life balance

Since happy employees tend to be more productive, it makes sense for businesses to give their staff the time, pay and benefits that are needed to have a successful life outside of work. Be sure to pay attention to employee complaints about leave, hours, and other factors that may affect their performance at work.

5. Ask for feedback

By conducting regular review meetings or performance appraisals, you will give employees the opportunity to give honest feedback about how they are feeling, ideas, raise any issues and concerns. By having an open door policy with senior management, you will give everyone the opportunity to speak up so any problems can be faced head on.

Employee morale is crucial to a successful business. If an employee is disengaged, then this leads to poor work ethic and overall attitude towards each task undertaken. People stay in the jobs they love and by creating a work environment that is relaxed and encouraging, you will be sure to retain your current employees and recruit top talent.

If your business is working on its engagement strategy or simply wants some support to create a better culture, please get in touch with me at or by calling me on 01425 205390.