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All I want for Christmas… is no HR issues!

So we’ve had the Christmas party, it was all going so well until Santa got drunk and got a bit fruity with his Elf (shhhh code for co-worker). Santa’s boss was there, watched on and did nothing about this, in fact found it quite funny. You may laugh, but it’s all too common a situation. […]

How to manage underperforming employees

Dealing with an employee whose performance isn’t up to scratch is a challenge the majority of managers will have to face if they like it or not. Underperformance, or poor performance, is simply a failure to perform the duties of the role or to perform them to the standard required by the business. Employers sometimes […]

Can you weed out sickness absence?

At ViewHR, we regularly receive calls from our clients’ in relation to employee sickness absence. Invariably the matters are short lived, concern intermittent absences and require management of an individual’s sickness absence levels. However, at the other extreme, matters involve complex long-term absence, disability related issues and require extensive management of an individual’s absence. There […]

Laying the ground work in an employment relationship!

We’re often found advising businesses on HR matters who, for various reasons, avoided taking advice or involving outside resources at an early stage but instead contact us when they’re embroiled in a dispute or process, which could have so easily been avoided. We therefore felt this was a prime time to take everything back to […]

Focusing on Grievances

Grievances are an inevitable part of employing staff, and whilst they can be seen as a pain for some managers, they do allow a business to try and nip concerns, problems or complaints in the bud, before they grow into something which can be much bigger and much more time consuming. Employees should be encouraged […]

Can employees carry over holiday on sick leave?

Sickness absence together with accrued but untaken holiday can be a minefield for employers and advisers alike. The recent case of Plumb v Duncan Print Group Ltd UKEAT (8 July 2015) provides further guidance on managing accrued but untaken holiday when dealing with long-term sickness absence (note the case may still be appealed). Can employees […]

Misuse of Facebook by Employees: To post or not to post?

Once again employees being dismissed for posting derogatory comments on Facebook is back in the headlines. The reality is, despite what many employees believe, posts on Facebook and Twitter cannot properly be considered private, and misuse of Facebook by employees can have huge implications! In the recent case of British Waterways Board v Smith, Mr […]

Manchester United HR blunder

Watching the Manchester United HR blunder unfold…   On Saturday: Man Utd communicate to journalists Jose Mourinho is to become the Club’s new manager. On Sunday: Current manager Louis van Gaal announces he has not been told about the change. On Monday: Man Utd sack Louis van Gaal. On Tuesday: Man Utd announce that they […]

Sexual harassment in the workplace

With the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal hitting the headlines, sexual harassment in the work place is under the spotlight and a good thing to. Experiencing sexual harassment is one of the most difficult situations a worker can face during their career. No workplace is immune to sexual harassment and a lack of reported cases does […]

BEIS Response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices

Today the Government published its response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices. Amongst other things, in the Good Work Plan the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) sets out its intention to consult on: guidance on employment status ‘for the first time’ enforcing vulnerable workers’ holiday and sick pay introducing a […]

Mental Health at Work

If I’m honest, I left 2017 feeling shocked by the extent of the increase in mental health at work issues landing on our desks and the number of clients requiring support to deal with mental health absence situations. Mental health support in the workplace is something that resonates with me and with the pressure everyone […]

Absence – dealing with it fairly and lawfully

All businesses expect a certain level of absence because we are all human and all get sick at some point but absence can be extremely costly to small businesses and often, they aren’t fully aware of how to deal with sickness fairly and within the law. Firstly, have a clear Absence Policy that is easy […]

How is the impact of gender pay gap reporting going to be managed by businesses?

Whatever your opinion on whether all BBC stars are paid too much, the BBC gender pay gap report is a wake up to all businesses! Last week, we woke up to news of male presenters earning significantly more than their female counterparts. These differences were significant and from the outset, appear simply due to gender. […]

What is a Millennial?

The word ‘millennial’ has been bounced around for years when referring to a generation of people. Years have passed since the birth of the term, so does the concept of a millennial still apply and who to? When searching for the meaning, a millennial is described as: Noun a person reaching young adulthood around the […]

5 ways to help your employees accept change

Change is inevitable despite the size of any company or organisation. This is true now more so than ever. The reasons for change can be due to several factors including economic cycles, new technologies and cultural shifts to name a few. Leading companies through a period of change isn’t easy. As a leader in this […]