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The benefits of LutherOne

ViewHR are delighted to have partnered with LutherOne to help our existing and future clients to build a collaborative and high-performing company culture with a data-powered connection, engagement & performance platform. 

LutherOne connects multiple performance and collaboration solutions into a single ecosystem that when communicated with each other using the latest AI technology, combines people and data science to improve the performance and potential of people and companies while significantly boosting employee engagement. 

The product offerings include Performance Management +, a real-time employee performance management solution; MySpectrum, a talent management, sourcing, employee engagement solution; Friday6, a real-time employee insights management solution with features as early warnings, alerts, engagement, etc.; Feedback+, a real-time interactive-based employee feedback management solution.   

By incorporating LutherOne into your business, you create the opportunity for connection, collaboration, and clarity to avoid discrimination, disengagement and divide in your workplace culture. The best-in-class companies are surveying their employees to ask for their opinions and you should be too!  

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