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How to create clarity in the workplace

You will have heard me talk a lot recently about how clarity in the workplace is going to make the difference between the average and the best-in-class business performance.  

One of the key ways to ensure that there is real clarity in an organisation is to look at how you communicate job roles, needs and tasks with your employee population and how clear they are on what is expected of them.  

Old school performance management is out of favour with many employees and businesses as it became a tick box exercise that people were ‘forced’ to do by HR. Thus, ruining any potential benefit for the employee and the business as the buy in was not there.  

Good performance management is a real-time employee focused process. Having a good process and form to create good conversation with real added value is vital to ensuring that the process is seen positively and not negatively. These conversations should not just happen once a year where you are scrabbling round to remember what went well and what didn’t. Dusting off forgotten objectives and rushing around completing things the week before an appraisal also adds no real value! If a business is going to achieve its financial objectives and work effectively towards its strategy it needs to take the employees on the journey and be refuelling, correcting and resetting the course along the way.  

Working with your people to ensure that there is a regular, inclusive and valuable performance management process that works to provide clarity, support productivity and achieve results will help you run a more effective business.  

In our ever-evolving digital age having an online performance management solution that is clear, concise and employee-focused will set your business apart from the masses. There are many solutions available but fortunately for us, we have found such a solution with LutherOne. It really has the best-in-class performance management offering and we are proud to be promoting it in the UK.   

If you want to find out more about building clarity with your teams in general or specifically about performance management and an online platform, please get in touch with Heidi by emailing