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Responding to Coronavirus-Related Racism in the Workplace

In May 2020 it was reported that hate crime directed at south and east Asian communities increased by 21% during the Coronavirus crisis, with shocking examples of offences including harassment and assault, such as punching, spitting and coughing, and verbal abuse. Race hate crimes are defined by ACAS as:  “acts of violence or hostility against […]

Why outsource your HR?

It comes as no surprise that admin tasks take up the majority of a business owners  time and this can make them feel like they are drowning in paperwork.  Battling with red tape and regulations can feel daunting, especially if you are not up to date with the latest changes in HR and employment law. […]

Misuse of Facebook by Employees: To post or not to post?

Once again employees being dismissed for posting derogatory comments on Facebook is back in the headlines. The reality is, despite what many employees believe, posts on Facebook and Twitter cannot properly be considered private, and misuse of Facebook by employees can have huge implications! In the recent case of British Waterways Board v Smith, Mr […]

Top 10 tips for employers this summer!

Let’s face it, we all love it when the sun comes out, it’s exciting and changes our mood. So how do we make summer work for us as employers? Here are some top tips! Encourage your team to lunch in the park and enjoy the sunshine – they’ll come back from lunch more rejuvenated and […]

Are mobile phone breaks the new fag breaks?

Doesn’t seem so long ago that employers and colleagues were constantly annoyed by the amount of smoking breaks taken by employees. On the whole, this has significantly reduced across the board. However, this irritation has seemed  quickly replaced by mobile phone use in the workplace. So, are mobile phone breaks the new fag breaks in […]

Did National Sickie Day impact your business this week?

Supposedly, today is National Sickie Day , whereby the highest number of people took a day off sick. Let’s face it, no one likes February but it’s a quite annoying when your colleagues go sick just because they don’t feel like it, when quite frankly you don’t feel like work either but you’re not so […]

What is a Millennial?

The word ‘millennial’ has been bounced around for years when referring to a generation of people. Years have passed since the birth of the term, so does the concept of a millennial still apply and who to? When searching for the meaning, a millennial is described as: Noun a person reaching young adulthood around the […]

Dress codes at work – is there a place for them?

With the recent publicity of a temporary receptionist who was sent home after refusing to wear high heals at work, it raises the question about suitable Dress Code policies in the work place. Ms Thorp was sent to PwC by the outsourcing firm, Portico and it was their policy that their front of house employees […]