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Working from Home – Part 2

This blog is the second in our series exploring the topic of working from home during the current period of government restrictions.  Our first blog explored the topics of managing employee productivity, working hours and engagement, and is available here. This second blog will explore some practical considerations for staff working from home, including health […]

Employee Motivation and Wellbeing in Uncertain Times

The employment landscape has changed dramatically in recent weeks thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.  When the UK government began to announce restrictions that led to many businesses closing their doors, and many others within supply chains experiencing knock-on effects, the immediate priority has been to secure the future of businesses, and with that, jobs.  The […]

How to manage underperforming employees

Dealing with an employee whose performance isn’t up to scratch is a challenge the majority of managers will have to face if they like it or not. Underperformance, or poor performance, is simply a failure to perform the duties of the role or to perform them to the standard required by the business. Employers sometimes […]

How to retain your best employees?

Considering the cost, the time and the emotional effort involved in recruitment and training staff, you want to ensure you hold on to them! After all, a successful business is driven by the experience, knowledge and commitment of good staff. Each employer will know too well the regret of an excellent and knowledgeable member of […]

Did National Sickie Day impact your business this week?

Supposedly, today is National Sickie Day , whereby the highest number of people took a day off sick. Let’s face it, no one likes February but it’s a quite annoying when your colleagues go sick just because they don’t feel like it, when quite frankly you don’t feel like work either but you’re not so […]

3 key leadership skills to develop the leaders of tomorrow

It is clear that for some people leadership abilities come naturally whereas for others they have learned and worked at developing them. Leadership skills are a good trait to have, or at least understand them especially for developing in the workplace. To lead our organisations effectively through financial uncertainty, especially with Brexit looming, we can […]

5 ways to help your employees accept change

Change is inevitable despite the size of any company or organisation. This is true now more so than ever. The reasons for change can be due to several factors including economic cycles, new technologies and cultural shifts to name a few. Leading companies through a period of change isn’t easy. As a leader in this […]

How to retain staff following the Summer months

We are approaching that time of year when Summer holidays seem like a lifetime ago and the Christmas season is yet to fill us with festive joy. This is the time when employees need the most attention as well as motivation. The Summer blues create the urge for some to quit their jobs and run […]