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BEIS Response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices

Today the Government published its response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices. Amongst other things, in the Good Work Plan the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) sets out its intention to consult on:

  • guidance on employment status
  • ‘for the first time’ enforcing vulnerable workers’ holiday and sick pay
  • introducing a new right to a payslip for all workers, including casual and zero-hour workers
  • introducing a right for all workers, not just zero-hour and agency, to request a ‘more stable contract’/working arrangement
  • taking additional action to ensure unpaid interns are not doing the job of a paid worker
  • introducing a new naming and shaming scheme for businesses who fail to pay tribunal awards
  • significantly increasing tribunal fines for businesses showing malice, spite or gross oversight to £20,000 and potentially increasing penalties for businesses who have previously lost similar tribunal cases.

Considering the ‘Good Work’ BEIS response and recent cases surrounding the gig-economy, businesses reliant upon a flexible workforce will need to seriously keep abreast of forthcoming changes in the pipeline. Business Secretary Greg Clark said the measures would “address very clearly” the rights of those in undependable work. Changes are likely to significantly affect financial budgets and require businesses to review the true nature of their workforce.

Key questions: Is your workforce correctly categorised? Are you financially ready for your workforce to potentially have greater rights?

For a full read of ‘Good Work Plan’ click here.